From Empire of Dirt, the artist collaborative that created The Golden Mean and The Serpent Twins comes a new stunning spectacle of art car, unique costuming, and performance art we're calling PROJECT: EMPIRE.

Inspired by the heyday of science fiction concept art, the cryptic history of a canceled NASA mission, and the optimism and hipness of the early 60's Apollo Rocket Age, Project: EMPIRE is the physical creation of a mythological spacecraft and a new anachronistic style we call AEROSPACEPUNK.

Project: EMPIRE asks the question: what if NASA had gone farther than Apollo? What if all the crazy proposals had actually been made? What if humanity had become a space-faring race in the middle 1960's and discovered there's much more to outer space than we thought? Is there Life on Mars?

We explore the mythological return of a 'lost' NASA mission to Mars (and beyond) where far-traveling humans adapted to survive using their wits, style, and salvaged alien technology to explore a universe before coming home. Built on a large-scale, heavy-duty industrial truck chassis the street-legal art car will be of an impressive size and scope with the highly-detailed execution that people have come to expect from our all-volunteer team of artists, craftspeople, and collaborators. Extensive costumes and an epic backstory complete the picture of a fun traveling band of adventurers re-discovering Earth.

Volunteer for duty and come on the adventure with us, for it's going to be a hell of a ride!

Project: EMPIRE is currently under construction, and will debut first at the Burning Man Arts Festival in 2015, with many festivals and events to follow.